Internal Happiness

There is a hidden power in intention. When a human being decides to achieve something, whether it be a matter that is rooted in benevolence or spite, they seem to be able to do it no matter the odds. We have all seen that person who seems to achieve everything they set their sights upon, they seem to destroy every hindrance that stands between them and perfection. We have also seen those who tend to set their sights high and achieve nothing, like a caterpillar that has yet to evolve, they continually ask themselves, “Why can’t I fly?” It depresses them, it burdens them, and sometimes it even kills them.

It is of my opinion that first one must understand that you are exactly where God wants you to be right now. That may not be what you want to hear but it’s the truth. If you are a billionaire and purchasing your next million dollar home, or a paycheck away from losing your home, each and every circumstance you have found yourself in is due to the Divine. Now maybe that may be a reason that you find yourself cursing the Divine, asking why is it that the Divine would place you in such hardships. The reality is, God knows best. I could potentially beautify this article with words of encouragement and highlight that God chooses to test those whom He loves. I could remind you that the Divine is raising your rank in the gardens of paradise based on your response to these tests. I could remind you that there are so many others going through so far worse than you and that one should give thanks. Yet, that isn’t what I’m going to do. I know you’ve heard it all before and there is nothing special that I can tell you, except that you are loved. You are truly loved by the Divine in every sense of the word, and you are loved by myself and so many others.

Recently I have spoken to many individuals at different places in their spiritual path. Some have been worshipping God for decades, others for days, some for a few hours. Others have no want to worship God and could earnestly careless for the hoopla that has been systematically and calculatedly intertwined with religion. Many of them have (or have had) the most sincere of intentions to understand God, religion, and their purpose in life. But for whatever reason their lives have been wrought with pain, death, and so much difficulty that they feel the need to give up. Their path hasn’t been like the one who had an intention to achieve greatness and then achieved it.

In the age of technology that we live, with social media showing only the unfazed and beauty of our faces, we seldom see the other side, we seldom ever see the burns that made two-face out of Harvey Dent. We see the greats accomplishing amazing things and we wonder why we are not able to be counted among them. We hear of their great and lofty intentions and we see the results, but what we don’t see is you. The pain that you have to go through in order to achieve it all.

I am not saying you will be a billionaire, or own the next tech-company, or anything of the sort. I am saying that you can have happiness and eternal felicity. I am saying that you can reach a place of bliss in this life as well as the next. What I am saying is what you have failed to realize is that after all of these hardships there is happiness. That happiness may not translate to the happiness that you find constantly on the television screen or via Youtube. It may not be the happiness you had always envisioned for yourself, it may solely be an internal happiness that you reach once your heart becomes at peace and you realize that you truly are a gem that the Divine has prepared to ornament this world. It could also be a happiness that comes with riches and an abundance of wealth, but that will never be your goal because no amount of physical wealth can quench their soul’s thirst.

The intention that I set for myself today and I hope that you set for yourself is of happiness, of inner peace of eternal felicity through communion with the Divine. May the Divine forever be pleased with you and may be peace be upon you. May you be among those who believe.

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