Education is an ocean of truth

Education. Anyone who knows me is aware that I’m all about it. I remember in university having my friends joke that I would stay there my entire life if I could. And honestly, with 24/7 access to a library, JStor, & professors galore, why wouldn’t I?! The goal for myself was always to continue my education & to eventually teach, the route has changed a bit but the goal is still the same.

I love education, I think it’s something everyone should get (it just might look different depending on where and who you are). Education frees the mind, is the oxygen of the intellect, and is the path to Truth. Today, education has a single purpose, to help you find a job. The concept of going to a university only to seek truth is an abnormal concept and seen as fiscally irresponsible. People rarely go to study just for the sake of learning and the ones that do are chastised for their choice. However, we need people who learn. We need people who become scholars. We need people who could careless how long it takes to arrive at truth, as long as the goal is arrival.

In the past, education didn’t stop after a few years of study because people studied to become scholars in their field. I have mentors who have been studying for 20 years. Not only have they been studying for that long, but they have been doing that in a completely different country (or countries). Why? Because it’s not about the job, It’s not about becoming a traveling speaker or lecturer, it’s about satiating their hunger for Truth.

Truth drives them. Also, the seeking of truth should never solely be about the Divine. Because in reality, you can’t possibly study biology, sociology, chemistry, geography, history, literature, the fine arts, & philosophy without arriving at some beautiful truths that show you that there is One in control of the heavens & the earth. Oh & last thing, in this world where money rules all, where men & women leave behind everything to seek truth. Where teachers across the world barely make ends meet, we need to support them. We need to be the roots that allow these beautiful trees to give us fruit, to nourish us & to allow us to bare fruit for others. If you want truth then you need to support the seeking of it. Find your teacher, find your mentor, find your scholar or shaykh & thank them for their sacrifice, & if God has blessed you, share that blessing with the seekers. What they give us will allow us to see as if we were on the highest of mountains as the sun breaks the horizon. . .where everything becomes clear.

Are you on a journey for truth? Tell me about it!


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