Finding Blessings: Are we really all that busy?

You’re not too busy. Time and time again I talk to friends and family who complain to me about just how busy they are. As the conversation gets realer we unveil the fact that they haven’t been praying timely, or at all. They disclose that they haven’t picked up the Mushaf in days, weeks, or months due to them being preoccupied.

I understand that we live in a society that promotes working until we achieve the ever illusive rank of success. I also understand that many of us believe we are more busy than we truly are, & that we seldom understand how to prioritize our time. We fill our to-do lists with an exorbitant amount of tasks that never get sorted through in an efficient manner (that’s if we even make a to do-list). Meanwhile we spend hours on social media, or watching the latest show that keeps us from accomplishing the goals that we tell ourselves are priorities.

In class we discussed some of the conditions for buying and selling, one of them is that a person is able to comprehend the concept of loss and gain. If someone tries to sell them something that is blatantly not in their best interest, they can properly assess whether they should follow through with the purchase or not. The shaykh detoured & said that most people don’t have this basic ability to perceive what is an obvious loss or not. He said that many of us work countless hours only to splurge those earnings on superfluous items that hold no benefit for us neither in this life nor the next. This isn’t a sign of a wise individual, but rather one who goes through life without contemplating how their every decision will affect their future.

As people of faith we know our every action can be rewardable or sinful. We also know that time and space is all within the power of God. What I’m trying to say is that if you want more time, you won’t get it from skipping your prayer or being late. You won’t get it by neglecting the Mushaf. You’ll get it by treating people kindly, by being charitable with the needy, and by loving your parents, spouse, and children. You’ll get it by understanding that every breath is a moment loss unless it is spent with belief in the Divine, & in His worship.



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