SubhanAllah: Realizing that God is free of the people.

Don’t blame God. I cannot begin to tell you how many times someone has told me about all of the inherent problems they have found within religion. The oppression, the injustice, the racism, the misogyny, & so many other issues that all come down to religion, or so they think. I can’t always blame them, if you hang out with a bloke like me long enough you’ll probably begin to think ill of the faith as well. There are plenty of people walking around donning the gowns of religion & unfortunately hurting the masses, they’ve done a dishonour to the rank that they were bestowed with. Oftentimes when I sit down with people that have misgivings about religion it comes up that they are just sick of people, not necessarily what God has revealed. They have have been hurt & those personal experiences become conflated with the religion. I can’t blame them when there are fools using the religion to justify their filth.
God is free from all of that. God isn’t controlled by lusts and so He didn’t decree for us to live lives ruled by them. God is free from jealousy & hatred & so nothing in what He has sent down promotes them. God is perfect & without fault. We need to be honest with ourselves that we as humans are far from perfect, but not excuse ourselves from trying.
It’s through fighting the lower self/ego that we truly become believers. I know it’s hard to look past the harm that people cause, especially when they claim to be people of God. But we shouldn’t allow the pain that people have inflicted on our hearts destroy our relationship with the One who created our hearts.
Love God because He has loved you since before the Heavens & the Earth, and He will love you for an eternity. Renew your love with Him.

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