Do it for God: Because the people won’t always be happy

It’s not easy doing what’s right. Many of us go through our lives attempting to please the beautiful people around us. We have our mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, & children & we hate to see them upset. Sometimes we go out of our way to please our co-workers or even the homeless person on the street & it doesn’t work out the way we expected. In fact, sometimes when we go out of our way to please them we still get negative responses such as frustration, anger or sadness. Once I saw a homeless man on the street with nothing, not even socks on his feet. So I did what you would have & I immediately took mine off & gave them to him. Seconds later my socks were in the street, my act of kindness wasn’t taken how I thought it would’ve been?

There will be times when you will do everything by the book, you’ll consult people, you’ll pray Isthikara & things still won’t work out, & the people around you will still be unhappy. What do you do? Do you forget about what you SHOULD do & do what the people around you want? What if you end up hurting yourself & subsequently the people around you? That seems counterproductive. However, when you do what you’re supposed to do in regard to God, doors open. At least that’s what I have found. Of course, don’t be like those people who pull the, “I’m doing what God says I should,” with all sorts of rudeness & lack of empathy, that’s not Islam. However, in the end you should always do what is best for you & your relationship with God. Ultimately it will benefit you & those around you.
Long story short, focus on your Lord. Focusing on Him in your every action might seem like a small thing, but when you focus, when you come close to Him, it won’t be just you, but everyone you once feared of hurting, upsetting, or angering will begin to see the beauty in your choices, because you never did it for yourself, you did it for Allah & Allah rewards those whom He loves.

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