It’s for God’s pleasure: A reminder on being patient with people

It’s not for them. Today when I was walking out of a store I saw a gentleman a ways off coming towards my direction. He seemed a bit tired and winded and so I did what most would have done. Instead of exiting, I held open the door and stepped to the side allowing him to enter. He didn’t even acknowledge me. In fact, he brushed me to the side slightly in an effort to make his way inside the door and carried on his way. I scoffed a bit because he ended up standing right next to me as the line was a long one.

I walked outside and stood there for a moment. I wanted to tell him how rude he was, I also wanted to tell the last 20 people that I had opened the door for in the past week that it’s a kind gesture to say “Thank you”. I could let this annoy me and affect my relationship with others. I could stop opening to the door for others. I could walk into the house and be frustrated, or shrug off someone on the street that is in need, or give the next person who deals with me in a rude manner a piece of my mind. I’d be justified, especially since earlier that day I had another irritating experience on a bus ride on my way to see my teacher. But instead, while I stood outside watching the cars go by and sorting through my thoughts, I reminded myself of an important prophetic advice.

The Prophet (s) said, “The believer who mixes with the people and endures their harm has a greater reward than one who does not mix the people nor endures their harm.”
Deal with the people and be kind to them, love them, serve them despite how they treat you. Of course it isn’t easy, of course you’re not going to want to, but none of what you do is for them anyways, it’s all for God. And nothing they do to you should stand between you and your Lord. So today guess what I’m going to do, hold open the door for another person and smile knowing I’m doing it for my Lord’s pleasure.


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