Give a little more: We might not always have the opportunity to give

Last chance. Here in Cairo, I have been a part of some great work, one of which is a local school dedicated to supporting one of the lower income communities of Old Cairo. Not only does this organization provide for them financially, it also serves as a hub for teaching. On any given day there are 50 children all sitting memorizing the Quran in the building.

I’m sharing this story because on my last trip to the states I selectively went to a few people and asked them to support the work of this organization. Not everyone responded. In fact, at the end of my trip, I only received a handful of people that contributed (aka 3 people). These few people within moments of me giving them the opportunity had written checks or given me cash to bring back. One donor didn’t allow me to leave to an appointment because he feared becoming distracted or having second thoughts which would deter him from the opportunity, so he left me standing in front of a masjid, went to the ATM and came back.

A few days ago I delivered the funds to my friend who is part of the organization. He asked me if I knew one of the elders that comes every day to memorize Quran. I told him I do, and that he always arrives before me to read a few pages before heading out. He had just finished memorizing a juz (20 pages or so) from the Quran as well. My friend told me that after Ramadan (during my travels) this uncle had passed away.

This sweet soul who sat every day memorizing the Quran had gone to meet his Lord. I sat there stunned and took a moment to reflect. God is going to write for him the reward of memorizing the entire Quran, and whoever gave money to support this organization is going to share in that. Guess what else? He would bring his daughter and her children to memorize there as well. Every day that they are there this man is going to reap the reward of that, and those three people who didn’t ask a single question but gave because they saw an opportunity, Lord knows the type of reward they’re going to receive. Don’t let good opportunities pass you by. I challenge you to give some charity after reading this, tag 3 or 4 friends & chip in together to give even $10 to a local charity


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