Your happiness is written: Hard times are going to come, but so are happy ones

When things are difficult it is almost impossible to see anything good happening again in your life. A breakup, divorce, loss of a job, you name it. All of these various difficulties can seem like the end of the world for many of us. I remember when my teacher’s wife passed away a year ago. We all felt it. We were all there when she took her Ijaza from him in Quran, we all heard her when she read the last juz. I was there snapping pictures of her smiling and then week’s later her soul was taken to her Lord.

I remember writing about it and asking many of you to donate to her cause so that we could build a well in her name as an ongoing charity. I also remember the pain I saw in my teacher’s eyes when all of it happened. Watching him at the funeral pained me. Just like it pains many of you when you’re going through a difficulty or are observing a loved one go through a difficult time. Many times we question if the hurt will ever end. I’m here to remind you that it will.

My teacher’s wedding was lit. His wife is the sweetest, and she makes great tea. The smile on both of their faces when I photographed their big day was the best and would have brought anyone to tears.

It was written. The pain, the sadness, the wondering if things will ever get better, it was all written from the beginning of time. Your happiness and joy was also written. I know right now it seems like that time may never come, but it will. Don’t settle and forget about what is important to you and your faith. God is the one who will bestow His blessings on you. I know right now you might have found the love of your life and maybe they don’t share the same faith that you do, or there are some major issues that you feel are unimportant because of the love you feel. . .what would God call you to do? Ultimately if you depend on Him everything is going to work out in the long run and you’ll find yourself smiling like my teacher. Don’t lose hope, don’t lose faith, don’t turn away from the path of God. In the end you’ll be smiling.


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