Children: Are we raising them to love?

Children. They are the future, like we once were. All of the problems you find in the world today, the hurt, the pain, the misguidance, all of it has a cure. That cure, unfortunately, doesn’t work rapidly. It takes time to travel through the veins of the world and to reach the various organs that keep this land alive. That cure is faith, those veins are children, and those organs are the various positions politically, secularly, religiously that make us all khalifas that God chose to support this beautiful planet & all that is in it.

Children when given the love they so desperately need can change the world. When given a foundation they are able to stand tall. The strongest foundation we can give them is a healthy home. It’s hard to let go of the trauma that you see happening to your father every day when he comes home from work, or the pain in your mother’s eyes when your father is upset with her. Those moments are like scars and by the time the child grows up they won’t recognize themselves anymore. Our homes need love, and if they aren’t filled with love then at least mutual respect and care. My teacher says, “The mother and father are two streams that meet in the heart of a child.”

Children also need role models. The first gods of a child are their parents. This is why many people who leave faith cite their familial relationships, their gods let them down and so they couldn’t find refuge in the True God. We need role models who care for our children, not people who abuse them. I met a man that shook every time he read Quran. We were so confused why, until we pushed him to read. We regretted it when he began wailing in pain. Turns out his Quran teacher molested him as a child & decades later the pain is still there. We have to stop failing our children, lest we fail humanity in the process.

I recently told someone that I love their family for one reason, all of the children grew up loving God. That’s the goal. I don’t care if they don’t become anyone of fame or fortune. If they truly love God they will love you, love His creation and serve it. That’s all the world needs.


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