Food: The way to a believer’s heart is through their stomach

Dear believer,

I don’t think people think too much about what they eat. Actually, I’d dare say that people care but don’t want to sacrifice what they love. Growing up I was taught that my body was a temple, a temple given to me by God and that it must be cared for. I understood, and I obeyed, and I looked around me confused.

How could someone be given the gift of life and care so little about what they put inside themselves? I’m confused because I see people eating foods and indulging in food chains that not only do nothing but serve people filth, but they hurt society. Companies that could care less if their own employees eat. How could a company like that be giving you anything worth eating?

This religion is a holistic way of life, it’s a complete way of life. There is a well-known story of Imam Nawawi who was known to avoid eating any of the fruits from the orchards of Syria. Why? Because there were designated orchards only for orphans and he knew there was a chance that some of the fruits for the orphans ended up in the general supply, so he ate none of them. You know there is a powerful Hadith that speaks of how a man raises his hand to pray and call on God but his food, drink, clothing and basic nourishment is all from impermissible means, and so God does not answer His call.

Anyways, why do I mention all of this? What we eat, and the frequency of our eating has a massive affect on us. The Prophet was known to never eat his fill. He was also known for having energy and being a strong individual. Greatest of these was his God consciousness. God consciousness begins with your food. If you can forego eating, if you can be minimal in your intake, if you can be meticulous in what you decide to eat, then you can control your lower self (nafs). This is part of the wisdom of fasting. If you want to build your consciousness of God, eat from that which is pure, and eat less, in time you’ll see the benefits!

Forever in need of your prayers,



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