The entire picture: Why you should thank God for missed opportunities

The entire picture. I was awaiting a call today and for whatever reason I missed it. I was a little annoyed to be honest. I sat there bothered because had I just been looking at my phone or had the ringer on I would have heard the phone when it rang.

I think we’ve all been in such circumstances. Circumstances where we sit and dwell on missed opportunities. Chances that we shouldn’t have missed out on but due to our stupidity, laziness, or lack of timing we miss them.

That’s how I felt as I sat there.

Then my phone started ringing.

Except I was annoyed and didn’t want to answer.

But I did.

“Assalamu Alaykum, Arthur How are you?”

“Okay, get to the point” I thought to myself, I just didn’t want to sit on the phone, I wasn’t in the mood.

“I’m standing on mount Arafat right now and was thinking of you and wanted to…..”

I couldn’t believe my ears. For the next 2 minutes he stood there with the phone in his palm, lifted to his mouth on the mountain of Arafat making dua for me, my family, and the greater community.

I’m sharing this story with you for a reason. Stop thinking that you’ve missed your opportunity. Stop thinking you aren’t good enough. Stop pulling your hair out because you can’t believe that chances are flying by you. The picture is much larger than what you’re seeing.

It passed you by because God has something infinitely better coming your way. Something that will open doors. Something that will leave you weak in the knees because of the realization of how much God loves you. In these final moments before Eid, and in this night before we wake up and celebrate, take a moment and thank God for the missed opportunities. Take a moment to ask Him for patience during what you perceive as difficulty. Raise your hands and beg Him to give you that which is good.

And then sit back and watch how it happens. Watch as he slowly shows you what you couldn’t see before, as He unveils a masterpiece right in front of you.

God’s design is perfect, even if our trust in Him isn’t.


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