Practice what you preach: The importance of doing what you say you do

Feed yourself too. Social media is a medium where people talk a lot, write loads of inspirational posts, encourage lots of people, meanwhile, we personally walk around in our pajamas all day not accomplishing anything that we told the world around us to do. It’s called hypocrisy. And maybe none of you have this problem, but it’s something that I am constantly aware of and fear for myself.

My short stories and daily reflections that I share with you all are an integral part of my day. I love sitting down and creating all of this content, but because I am a person who has dedicated myself to God and this path, I constantly question my motives. I oftentimes think, what will happen to a person like me who constantly speaks about religion but then doesn’t follow his own words?

So today when I woke up I got to work. I sent out texts to all of the people dearest to me living in Cairo. I spent hours in the kitchen cutting up the meat, seasoning it, cooking it. Not allowing my wife to touch anything. I contacted my mother to make sure my Goat curry was just like she would make it (which of course is impossible, but I tried). Originally, I was worried that not enough people would come, then came 5pm and the doorbell started going off. God blessed me with a full house of beautiful people who all came to enjoy an Eid dinner.

I now had the opportunity to serve. I made tea for them, served them juice, took out their food myself and placed it on their plates, and I did it because of what my teachers told me and what I’ve relayed to you. That service is part of our faith and one of the paths to Divine pleasure. If you want to truly be a servant to God, then you need to be a servant to the people. I’m happy, I’m happy that God enabled me with the opportunity to follow-through with the words that I share with you. And I pray that we all are able to practice what we preach. We need to share our soul-food with the people, but not forget to eat it ourselves too.

Have you had an opportunity to practice what you preach recently? Tell me about it in the comments.


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