Yesterday: Why your past matters

The past. It’s said that the companions of the Prophet would sit together at times and discuss aspects of their lives prior to Islam. Let me tell you a bit about mine. When I came into Islam, I dived in. I didn’t think twice. I didn’t let anyone stop me. People told me how Islam would prevent certain doors from being opened for me, and they were right. . .and I didn’t care. I saw Islam and so I went after it.

With that being said, my past is what enabled me to be who I am today. Without that past I wouldn’t have wanted Islam as badly as I did, as badly as I still do. Without Christianity, without the failed relationships, without getting kicked out of nearly every school I went to, without forging report cards and having my cousin lie to our parents that it wasn’t yet report card week, without those experiences, I wouldn’t be me. When I write my reflections you have to understand, it’s all coming from those life experiences. It’s all coming from the heartbreaks, & the times of joy & happiness. The time I failed a class, the moment I lost my grandmother, the near fatal car accidents, the going out with the wolf pack jamming to Drake & Lupe because we thought we ran the town. The day I had a gun pulled out on me. All of those experiences made me into the Muslim that I am today. 

DSCF9908More importantly, as someone who loves this faith & writes about it, these experiences remind me to be relatable. These experiences keep me humble. They remind me that not long ago I was the one committing that sin. They remind me that I was once in darkness & if not for God’s mercy I could easily be back in it. If not for my past I would have no future. If not for my past I would not be the Arthur that I am today. I can’t erase it, and I refuse to erase it, including the aspects of it that paint me in a not so glamorous light. I’m no one special in the first place, & it’s because I’m dirt that I so desperately want God’s mercy to rain on me, and hopefully, one day bring forth fruit.


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