My Path: Why inspiration should translate to motivation

It’s my path. Can I be honest with you all? I’m annoyed. I’m annoyed when people praise me and believe that because I’m a convert I’m somehow some great person. I’m annoyed that people presume my sacrifices were somehow less than others because I was able to pack up and move my family to another continent in the pursuit of Islamic knowledge. I’m annoyed because some in the Muslim community adore certain scholars and speakers, and hold them to unrealistic pedestals, never once trying to walk in their shoes.

I’m annoyed because I don’t want you to just be inspired when you read my posts, I want you to act. I want you to move. I want you to sacrifice.

I want you to be uncomfortable and to question your sincerity in following God. I want you to give up certain relationships that you know you shouldn’t have. I want you to give up a financial transaction that you know you shouldn’t take. I want you to live for God.

I want you to decide that God is all that you need in this life, and then to begin walking down that path. I know there will be barriers and difficulties, but those difficulties are what make you into the person you hope to become, a servant of the Divine.

We all have barriers. We all have obligations that pull us in different directions. What you need to decide is which direction are you going to be led? What you need to ask is, what are your priorities and what are you going to sacrifice to achieve them?

Behind every inspiring story is sweat and hard-work. Behind every sincere worshipper there is a sea of tears that drowned out their sins.

Are you working towards His pleasure or are you just double tapping?

This family of believers is growing day by day, and I know that one day I might see you entering Jannah before me. I want on that day that I call out to you by name asking what was it that you did for this great reward, and you turn to me, with a smile on your face saying,

“I was inspired, and so I sacrificed, I pushed, I gave up so much so that I could please my Lord, and so my Lord pleased me.”


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