Affirmations: How reflection will help you to affirm the greatest truth

I am. I am all for affirmations, of reminding oneself just how amazing you are, of the potential that you have, & of the blessings & mercies that are abundant in your life. I’m all about those morning reminders with Post-it notes on the mirror that you can’t possibly miss if you tried. For those inspirational videos (shout out to Nike & Kaepernick) on Youtube that make you want to get up & go to the gym, or in my case finish memorizing Quran.

I am also of the belief that if you just took the time to count your breaths like Ibn Ata’illah tells us in his book of wisdoms, & to look & ponder upon humanity & creation in general. I’m of the belief that if we all decided to take a week to find a caterpillar & watch it transform into a butterfly, or a tadpole into a frog, that if we watched a volcano erupt or went out every night to savor the waxing & ebbing of the moon. I’m of the belief that if we took the time to watch children grow, & instead of crying over the time lost, delight in the moments gained. I’m of the belief that if we appreciated the actual seasons of the year for the change in weather & foliage instead of the fashion styles. I’m of the belief that if we took the time to watch time go by, & see how the creation of God changes, we would come to a single realization.




Everything in His world changes, everything gets old and perishes. There is only ONE constant, the Divine, God, Allah. And yet, this infinite being decided that you needed to exist to make His plan perfect.

You don’t need inspirational videos to remind you.

You don’t need Post-it notes.

You don’t need Mufasa to come tell you that you’ve forgotten who you are.

All you need is to look around to realize that there is perfection in everything, & that you are part of that perfection.

Once you do that, it’s hard not to affirm what you did when you were just a soul, when He asked you, “Am I not your Lord?” & we all answered,

“Yes, [without a doubt] we bare witness!”

I am perfect because I am His.


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