Walk my way: Why differences of opinions can be healthy to our spiritual growth

Different direction. If there is one thing I have learned from social media, it is that though we now have more information and faster connections than we have ever had before, we still gravitate towards those that are similar to us. We follow those we like, and block those who we don’t like. Our feeds usually are filled with like-minded people, and if you click on the search tab you’re given thousands of accounts tailored to your liking.

Sounds great right? I disagree. The diversity in opinions and the ability to listen to them is a beautiful thing. It’s like when I try and solve a problem and my wife looks at me to tell me, “not now.” In the beginning of the marriage it annoyed me, but now I understand, her system of handling issues isn’t like mine. When I realized, that I grew. Her differences molded me and helped me mature. Or take for example how many of you fill my DMs with dissenting opinions on my posts or reflections, I still respond, we discuss, even when I might be bothered that you don’t agree.

Do you know why? Because this is how we grow as individuals. Every dissenting opinion isn’t negativity, it’s a perspective. No one knows this better than my sister-in-law. We disagree on a million things. But I still come to her and tell her my thoughts, you know why? I want her to disagree, I want to hear her thoughts, I want to grow. I value her wisdom. I want to see where my flaws are and why I should potentially change my opinion. The same can be said about some unsolicited advice I receive frequently, I might not like it, but it doesn’t make it bad advice.

This is how I believe we should be. We should look for the truth on each other’s lips. We should test ourselves and our egos by giving it something it doesn’t agree with or want. 

For all of you that constantly disagree with me, thank you for never allowing me to think I’m somebody special.

For all of you that usually agree with me and my thinking. . . My ego really loves you.

We are a family of believers. We are going to have disagreements, and the best of us are those that allow those differences to bring us closer together. 


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