Say it don’t spray it: If you believe in God, take His path.

Walk the talk. People like to talk, but speech without action is empty. It’s not uncommon to hear a woman say she’s sick of men because they say one thing and do another. Or to have children complain that their parents say, “InshAllah” but never follow through. Or that friend we all have that makes all these plans but when the time comes is no where to be found.

A man came to the Prophet and asked him for advice, the Prophet replied, “Say you believe in God and then remain steadfast.” The Prophet made it a point of clarifying that our faith requires an affirmation and action.

My younger sister has epilepsy and at one point had seizures almost daily. She is in many ways my superhero, because despite her deteriorated health she succeeded.

When she was first diagnosed, and the world was seemingly crumbling around her; I would walk into her room and see all over her mirrors, all over her closet, and in her notebooks, small Post-it notes with affirmations like, “You are amazing!”, and “You’ve chosen this path!”

She would read these everyday and then go to school and work. Sometimes she would come home late at night after a hospital visit (or sometimes in the hospital) and sit up studying and completing her work.

She made those affirmations part of her life, and she realized that it would take more than just words and affirmations, she would have to get to work. She would have to lose sleep, she would have to be uncomfortable, but ultimately she would make it through. She was diagnosed in High School, two weeks ago she started her Master’s program in one of America’s top universities. She affirmed her goals and walked the path.

This is what it means to be Muslim. To renew that intention daily, to reaffirm your belief in God, to make the world cover it’s ears from the deafening sound of your heart worshipping the Divine.

Then once you’ve done that, once you’ve made that commitment. Go and pray, go and fast, go and smile to the people, go and love your parents, your spouse, your neighbors. Go and spend on the poor…

Go and say you believe in God, and then follow Him.


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