Have you had your checkup? The need to make sure our hearts are still beating for God.

Spiritual checkups. When is the last time you had a check up? A checkup where you’ve gone to the doctor and sought their expertise in making sure that your body was functioning as it should, and if it wasn’t, to prescribe you whatever would be needed to get you back on track. Usually we do that yearly, and if not, you’ll have some family member reminding you how you desperately need to take care of your health.

Yet, how often do we do a revaluation of our souls? How often do we stop to see if we’ve been spiritually unhealthy and eating food that has left us spiritually obese? How many of us know whether we’ve been affected by a spiritual disease that like cancer has been eating away at our health?

We seldom do.

We are so out of tune with our souls that we don’t realize the subtle changes, or we write them off as unimportant. We are always on the move both physically and spiritually and we don’t remember what our primordial state was like. We no longer remember the euphoria of hearing our Lord’s voice, and so we don’t recognize it around us. We no longer recognize what it feels to be connected to the Divine, and so when we feel the pangs of death, they don’t phase us, because we don’t even realize that we are dying.

That is until we wake up and our hearts are no longer alive. Our bodies are numb, and we can no longer walk. The prayer ceases to have meaning, righteous companionship means nothing, and like the living dead we roam the Earth searching, for what? We ourselves don’t know.

You have the chance before you to reconnect. To reconnect with yourself first and foremost. To wipe the dust from the glass so that you can see again, to recalibrate in an effort to find your path. You can diet from the unhealthy spiritual food and instead nourish yourself with pieces of Paradise. You can. You can find doctors of the soul who have learned the path and can place you on your way to recovery.

Or you can skip your checkup.


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