Dyed: Why we need to be more aware of how we are being dyed.

Like cloth. I don’t know the solution to all of the issues going on today. Whenever I log onto social media or have a call with folks back home I hear the same stories of sadness, deceit, and hurt. I don’t need to go back home to hear it either, it’s right here in Cairo. People are hurting. Sometimes I want to be furious, sometimes I am, but then I realize I’m a part of the problem.

I’m a part of the problem because my emotions cloud my judgement and instead of attempting to find a solution, I just want to get angry. I end up just wanting to rip pieces of fabric that were ruined, and ripped to begin with, to continue a cycle that needs to end.

We are like pieces of fabric, and unfortunately many of us have been dyed, torn, and ruined by the things around us. Whether it be because of our upbringing, society, television, pornography or the vast array of distractions and perversions that society have normalized. Instead of being given the tools to flourish and to raise a generation of amazing human beings, we’ve carried on a culture of imperfections, and stained hearts. We’ve been inhibited from reaching the state we were created to achieve. Children, women, men, old and young have all been hurt because of shaky hands and shaky hearts. People, organizations, societies that we should have never given the keys to our souls, yet we gave them freely.

I think we need tailors. I think we need people who know how fragile fabric can be, and how it can’t be cut too small, or too long. We need people who can create beauty, people who can look past the faults of someone else’s work, take it apart, and create something beautiful again.

Need I be clearer? We need people who understand the workings of the world and are connected to the Divine. People who want nothing more than the greater good of our communities and souls. People who are willing to put in the time and work, to sit and look at every detail. People who can look at the end goal and do the work, step by step to get there.

We know you’re there, and you’ve got work to do.


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