You need more time? Drop a few things and seek blessings in your time from God!

Who has rights? I haven’t had any semblance of a regular schedule in the last month. I’ve been forcing myself to attend an innumerable number of classes and staying up late nights to handle my own side-projects. Today when I woke up an hour before Dhuhur I realized that I’m taking too much of a toll on my body. I went through the majority of today with a headache and could barely concentrate when I needed to. That’s when I remembered that my body has rights over me. It’s not okay that I exert myself to such an extent that I’m no longer able to concentrate in class, complete the writing that I need to do, or to cause me to not be present with my family.

Somethings need to go. Yet, it’s not easy to make the decision to let go. We become attached to everything in life, especially the things that harm us. It’s even harder when it might be something good that we really want but it came at the wrong time. We seek to force it, to make it the right time, even though regardless of what we do, it’s not going to happen. Sometimes after trying all that we can, we just need to let God do what God does best, protect and nourish His servants.

So, while I have been fighting to make myself nocturnal and have officially joined team caffeine, it hasn’t been good for me. I need to let somethings go. I need to focus on that which is already around me. It’s not as though I don’t have 9 classes at Al-Azhar, Quran, and daily Arabic classes to focus on. I’m not failing. I’m not failing. Arthur, you are not failing.

Don’t let society dictate what it means to be hardworking. Push yourself, work hard, and don’t destroy yourself in the process. Connect yourself to good mentors and teacher that can advise you so that you aren’t haphazardly making decisions based on your ego.

Most importantly, make sure you’re spending time with your Lord. He swore upon time, He created time, and time is His dominion. If you want blessings in it, seek it from Him.

How’s your schedule looking? Have you scheduled in some time with God? Are you observing the rights of your body and family? Let me know in the comments below, lets chat!


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