Same class: How we end up always learning something new if given the chance.

Same class, new lessons. There are times I nod off a bit in class, then there are days I’m at the edge of my seat. Today was one of those days where I was sitting in class absorbing every word that the teacher was saying. The funny thing is, I had studied this book before, and with the same teacher. The difference is that this time we had more students, so the questions differed. Here’s what I learned today.

Firstly, I shouldn’t ever think that because I passed a class, attained a degree, or have been certified with an Ijazah that I now know all that needs to be known in that field or book. The reality is that I’ve just begun the journey. With patience, perseverance and God’s Divine aid I’ll make it to the destination I seek.

Secondly, questions are important. I was conditioned to fear asking questions. As I grew, I was taught that there are no stupid questions. Both are wrong. However, when I became an adult I feared asking questions and also never learned how to ask suitable questions to facilitate my learning. I now appreciate when people not only ask questions but ask questions that clearly show they have paid attention, read ahead and are actively working to become better students. The type of questions that assist everyone in the class, and for folks like me are lifesavers in my studies. 

Lastly, today I reflected on the depth of the Arabic language, it’s phenomenal. Take for example the concept of changing the form of a word so that it carries a meaning of reduction. For example, I’m not a Talib (Student), I’m a Tuwaylib (A wee little student). While many words can be reduced like this, names of the Prophets, or the name of God are exceptions to the linguistic rules. Why? Because the purpose of this in morphology is to make the meaning of the word small or unimportant in some scenarios. No matter what you do, God and His Prophets are of the utmost importance, and even the language itself recognizes the metaphysical realities of these beings.

Simple I know, but for me, it’s why every day I fall in love.

So if you happen to see me bent over a book, please don’t interrupt me. I’m kind of in love. 



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