Lift: How a little girl opened my eyes to empowerment.

Lift. Those of you that know me well are aware that I’m an emotional wreck at times. I love people, and I love seeing this family of believers get along and build each other up. What I can’t stand is when people do nothing but break each other down. When every word out of the mouth of a fellow believer is filled with disdain and hatred.

So today I got teary-eyed when I went to Quran class and came across a young boy who was crawling on the floor. His big eyes gleamed at me and attempted to get my attention. I leaned over and placed my hand on his forehead and returned his smile with a bigger one. I sat there preparing to read to my teacher when I saw him crawling to the other side of the room, and then that’s when I realized, he couldn’t walk. His legs were deformed and weren’t useable, and he used his hands to get wherever he needed. He was a young child not even 5 years of age. When most should be running around, he was on the floor.

But then I saw a sight that caused the downpour to happen. He started crawling across the office. Dragging, dragging, dragging. He crossed through a sea of students, he pulled himself up a step of stairs, into another room and all the way to a window when he finally stopped. I knew what he wanted. He wanted to see outside, but he couldn’t. It was then that a young girl came and put her hands around him, and with all of her little strength, lifted him up. And for the next 5 minutes she just held him there, both of them looking outside together.

I’m crying writing this. I’m crying because this is what I want for all of us. Some of us want to see again. We are sick of the heartache and just want to see the good in people. Some of us have lost sight of God and wish to see Him again. Lift them. Lift the people around you. Lift your parents, your spouse, your children, your neighbors. Lift them all. Give people the legs they need to stand up again… and then watch as God lifts you as well.


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  • JazakAllahu khayr akhi Kareem a treasure no doubt wa humdulillah

    everything we read was designed by Allah to be read at that particular time SabhanAllah !!!
    He created us to experience His mercy


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