Advice: Did I even ask you for your opinion?

Advice. Today someone asked me why I posted a video with music, when I know it’s impermissible. I responded and explained to them that I’m aware of the legal rulings according to Islam, and while I appreciate them sending a reminder, they ought to get to know me a bit first.

While what I sent them was true, I want to be honest and vulnerable with you all, I was being defensive. When I sat and reflected for a while, I came to realize that I let my ego get the best of me. Though I don’t hold myself to be anyone of repute, I am still a voice for the religion of Islam, and if I’m going to share snippets of my life, I should at least try to subdue my ego while doing so.

Fast forward a bit to a post I read from a young lady in my community who I have known for years. A while back she removed her hijab, and though I’ve known her and many others who have taken it off, I didn’t say a word. Why? Who the hell am I to them?! But when she recently reached out asking a question, I took the opportunity to remind my dear sister from a place of love, respect and authority of the religion. And when I realized I had said enough, I left it alone.

Today she posted that she has again donned the hijab, and I’m a bit teary-eyed. Not because I had a part in it, but because she taught me a lesson on the ego.

This is what I love and find most difficult about Islam. When I was advised today about the music, I had to put my ego aside and listen to what they had to say. And when I wanted to advise people in the past, I had to learn to close my mouth.

Could I have refused the advice I received today? Yes.

Could the young lady have told me it’s none of my business and to butt out? Yes.

This is Islam, that despite what YOU want, you make what God wants your goal. That you subdue your ego and tell God, “I’m listening and I’m here to obey.”

So to all of you, I apologize if my ego ever gets in the way of me serving you. Pray for me.


Arthur K Richards


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