A gift: When people remind you of your blessings.

A gift. Today during some of my free time I decided to sit in Masjid Al Azhar and revise some of my work. I sat down and began reading my fiqh text and could feel someone staring at me. I kept reading for 30 minutes before the adhan for Isha was called. Finally, they came, two older uncles approached me from behind with wide smiles.

“Assalamu Alaykum my brother. How are you?”

They asked about what I was studying at Azhar and where I was from. Upon hearing that I’m from America they were both pleasantly surprised and took it upon themselves to remind me of something that I feel many of us have forgotten.

“You live in a country with many people who are not Muslim. People there do not fully understand the beauty of Islam. You are a student of Deen and know the reward of guiding someone. You are blessed with so many opportunities to do so.”

Little did they know that I myself was a convert, and it wasn’t until the week I became Muslim that I had someone formally make me think about the religion and accepting it. Before that, everyone around me that was Muslim was silent. They kept it to themselves like a treasure they were hoarding. Sometimes they themselves didn’t realize the treasure they had been given. They despised it, or they despised their ignorance, because what they knew wasn’t the Deen to begin with.

What I want to say is that you’ve been gifted with something beautiful, but you have to open it. You have to unwrap it, understand who gave it to you, and then you’ll realize it’s value. However, if you just let it sit. Don’t be taken aback when one day it’s gone, and you see others waltzing around ornate with what was once yours and could easily be yours again… if you just decided to do something about it.

These two uncles, Muhammad and Qasim from Taiz, Yemen did me a huge favor by reminding me of the gift I have, and the gift I want to share with others. The gift many of you already have, and the gift I’m offering to those who don’t.

Islam is a way of life. A complete way of life. Let it complete you.

Thanks for reading family 🙂


Arthur K. Richards

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