Protect your light: Preserving the light from God in our hearts

Protect your light. Growing up in church we had a song, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.” I’d sing that song just about every Sabbath as a child with the youth group, and even today as a Muslim that song still resonates with me. Because isn’t this the goal? That this little light of faith that God places in our hearts is protected?

While I was answering some of your questions and editing some chapters of my forthcoming book, I realized that all of us have moments, events, and trials in life where we are given light. In those moments God gives us openings, and within those moments we are given a choice; Do we protect the light, or let it fizzle out?

None of us would admit to the latter, we all are sure of the fact that if given the choice to protect the faith that we have, we would. However, every day we are given choices. Every day we practice free will when God grants us the ability to choose between guidance and misguidance, between His love or His wrath, between eternal bliss or heedlessness. 

When people tell me how enamored they are with converts or individuals who decide to begin practicing this lifestyle that is Islam, I tell them that there is only one difference between you and them, “They will do anything to preserve their light.” I’m writing a lot about this in my book right now, those moments of despair, and difficulty where I questioned my life or almost lost it. Those were the openings. Those moments when I had no one to call on except for God were the greatest moments in my life, and they are the greatest moments in yours. Those times when life reminds you of the darkness all around, and you have to look within for that God given light.

Those lectures that you sat in and felt your heart come alive, when you felt a yearning for God. Remember them, hold to them.

Protect that light with good company, with remembrance of God, with following the Sharia, with serving people and having beautiful etiquette with even the lowest of people around you. 

Then watch as your light thrives. Sing with me now, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!”


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