Seeing Allah: When the veils are finally lifted.

Lifting the veil. In my last post I mentioned how I need to trust the process, and how sometimes I may not see the growth that is occurring. It seems God also wanted to deliver a message to me, and so as I walked to class yesterday I was gifted a reminder. On my way to class I paused to watch a man work.

At first, I didn’t see everything that he was doing. It was veiled, it was hidden. I asked him if I could take a picture and that’s when I saw the fruits of his labor.

When he unveiled the name of God on that table my heart stopped. The beauty, and the patience that it must have taken for him to get to that point.

Here I am doing the same thing every day, studies, work, studies, family. Many of you are in University or in your careers. Others might be praying and wondering when you’ll finally see the fruits of your labor. Here’s my answer, it may not be anytime soon. We need to work on our relationship with God every day. You certainly aren’t going to see much in the beginning, and in fact, you might feel as though nothing is happening. This is the veil, the veil that God has placed over you, a veil to see what your intentions are, and whether you will keep pushing.

Every sin we repent from, every deed done for His sake, every mistake and misstep. Every tear, every moment in prayer, every heartache, is all necessary for the completion of the masterpiece. A masterpiece that is you. You are a work of art, and a reflection of the Divine. Your worship, your studies, your work when done according to what God wants of you, and with the intention of serving Him is how you arrive at a level of perfection. What is perfection? It is when you can see God in everything you do, just as clear as you can see His name written in this beautiful work of art.

Then one day the veil will be lifted. Maybe in this life, or maybe in the next, but when it finally is, “you’ll see all the beauty in this whole life.” – Brother Ali

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