Dear Believer Series: Salman never gave up

Dear Believer,

Have you ever been completely turned off by religion because of the actions of some quote on quote religious person? Maybe you heard of a shaykh or student of knowledge that did something contradictory to the religion, and it left you feeling hurt and afraid to ever come into contact with anyone who donned the robes of religion ever again.

Your story isn’t too far off from the companion Salman the Persian. The only difference between you and him is that he ascended to the highest rank in his religion that one could arrive at, and then he left seeking truth. Then when he found a person who was supposed to give him truth, he ended up finding a fraud who knew nothing and misused the people. Then he was enslaved, and when he escaped what did he do? He kept looking for truth.

And he never stopped until he found him, the beloved, the Prophet of Islam. He didn’t allow the stupidity, the abuse, the sadness that afflicted him to get in the way of the truth.

All he wanted was to set his soul free and to connect it to the Divine. So he found the man that the Divine sent to us all.

It’s not easy when you have been betrayed, hurt, abused, and used by people who are supposedly people of the religion, but I want to tell you something.

The truth is waiting for you.

The beloved awaits you.

God awaits you.

God knows the difficulties that you’ve had to go through, and it will be all the sweeter when you come to His prophet and tell him what you did to find the truth. All that you had to sacrifice to follow him. All the relationships that broke you before God mended you.

But you’ll make it.

You’re on your way.

Grab hold of the hand of the beloved of God. Pray for his intercession. Escape to him despite the hardships and be like Salman.

And when you make it

Pray that God grants me your blessed company.

Your brother,

Arthur K. Richards


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