Dear Believer Series: You are the son of the time

Dear Believer,

You asked me how to get through the difficulties that you’re going through now. You’ve had so much happen in your past and it’s hard to get over the hurt. You have so many expectations of what the future is supposed to look like and you feel so far.

I’ve been there and have had those same thoughts. Those internal battles of why I haven’t yet reached where I had once planned. Why had the doors I knocked on for years still remained closed?

To say that I was frustrated and lost would be an understatement. My life was not where I wanted it to be. Why? Does He not know that I want to be with Him? Didn’t He know that I’ve been trying and that I loved that person? Didn’t He know that I needed that job? Didn’t He know about all the hardships I went through to get here? What if He just changed this and opened the doors for me, wouldn’t that be better? What if he made that relationship happen, wouldn’t I be happier?

I’ve asked those questions my beloved, and I came to an answer.

You are the son of the time that you are in.

You live in the here and now. You are not your past, nor are you your future. You are now. Your relationship with God isn’t dependent on what you did then, or what you will do days or months or years to come. It’s not about the preparations you are making, it’s about now.

You in this moment have the opportunity to change your relationship with God. As you read these words you can make the intention to become a true servant of God, and to protect the faith that He has placed in your heart.

The question isn’t about the past and the future, it’s about what you are willing to do with the subtle shift that your heart is feeling as you read this.

My dear beloved believer, may I ask you a question?

Will you take this step? Will you submit to Him and drown in His love and mercy?

Decide, because at this very moment, the angels are watching you, and God is waiting to boast about you to His servants.

Your Brother,

Arthur K. Richards


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