Dear Believer Series: All of your prayers have been answered

Dear Believer,

I sat in a Fiqh class a year ago when we went on a tangent discussing the Friday Prayer. As many of you know, the Prophet (s) mentioned that there is an hour on the day of Friday where the dua of the believer is accepted.

Imam Suyuti mentioned more than 30 different opinions on the subject, and the opinion of the Maliki school is that the time between the Imam ending the Khutbah and the start of the prayer.

I remember when I heard this, I decided to never miss the opportunity again to make dua during that time. Every Friday since then I’ve made saying, “Lord, give me endless opportunities.” I never really specified whether I wanted those opinions to be in finance, studies, etc.

Long story short, you guys didn’t read a post last night because I was overwhelmed. Why? One of my favorite teachers is starting an intensive program and my brain was occupied with deciding whether to join and add more to my plate or to continue studying with my current shayukh. I also had to decide if I wanted to take a potential job offer, and a few other personal came up. Decisions, Decisions.

There were so many options that my brain literally shut down.

It wasn’t until this morning when I was on the phone and someone mentioned the word “opportunities,” that it all clicked. God had been answering my prayers from day one. Month after month it has been like this. A constant need to change plans because more and more opportunities were coming my way, but guess what? Despite those opportunities coming, what dua was I still making? You guessed it, “Lord, give me endless opportunities.”

Just how many opportunities did I need until I realized that God was giving me them every moment, so much so that I didn’t know what to do with the choices!

I want to ask you, have you been asking and been oblivious to the fact that He has been answering all this time? How often has God been answering you but you’ve been ignorant of His answer? Maybe you’ve been like me, and this is your wake-up call.

Your brother,

Arthur K. Richards

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