Dear Believer Series: Share some love, it’s Prophetic.

Dear Believer,

In the Khutbah yesterday the Khateeb spoke about the love that we should have for one another. He spoke about how Islam aims to bring into our hearts a deep and true love for one another and how that love should transform our actions and speech with another. When I come online at times and see the way we speak to each other, I have to question myself and you, “Where is the love?”

When the Prophet says that one has not attained complete faith until they love for another what they love for themselves, how can we read such a hadith and then post subliminal comments/stories or just outright disrespect one another continuously.

How can we sing praises of the companions but then neglect that when the Meccan companions came knocking on the doors of the Madani, they offered their homes, businesses, families and more for the sake of God. Why? Because they loved God, and as such loved the people that loved Him.

Did not the Prophet say that a person will be with who they love? Do you not love your fellow brothers and sisters? Do you not love the companions? Do you not love the Prophet of God?

My beloved believers, I love you all. It is part of my faith to do so. I attempt to share that love with you every time I post. I pray that you also attempt to show that love with those around you, whether that be on social media or not. Make this a tool for change, and not a path to indulging the lower self.

 Love God, and He will love you. Follow His Prophet and watch as the blessings come pouring out.

Arthur K. Richards

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