Just a Tuwaylib: I need to steep


New series!

It starts like this. Last night I was in a gathering where the shaykh gave a powerful talk, he discussed the importance of students of knowledge actualizing characteristics that are fitting for their rank as students of the Deen. Cultivating attributes such as silence, listening, and not being one who craves repute or stature.

Yet all around me that’s what I see. A constant need to speak, to listen only long enough to hear how to respond, and to continually increase one’s repute in the eyes of the people. 

I know little to nothing about Islam and it’s why you don’t see me posting religious rulings and the like on here. There is a fear that comes with understanding the weight of what is being passed down to me every day when I sit with my teacher and fellow companions. 

The world has enough voices and it’s not about adding my voice to the marketplace only for it to be drowned out. I need to be patient and to perfect my craft. I need to wait to reach a point where my relationship with the Divine is strong and that when I speak it isn’t like Moses who knew the rulings of sharia but lacked the spirit of it. He needed more, and that’s why before arriving at Pharoah he was given Khidr. To show him that just knowing the rulings and differences of opinions isn’t what it takes to free the people from the clutches of darkness and oppression. It takes a patient heart, a connected heart, an open heart that is willing to suppress its own wants and force them to be in line with what God wants. 

So in the meantime, I’ll just sit here steeping until God says I’m ready to pour out His guidance. 

Arthur K. Richards

2018-05-01 11.53.49

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