Starting from Scratch

I’ve been receiving some amazing questions from you all. Unfortunately, some of you may have been unhappy at my inability to answer some of them. The famed, “honestly, I haven’t studied that yet.” Has you wondering if I’m doing anything here. I understand, and I question myself as well at times.

You see, this world is a vast one. As such, learning everything it has to offer isn’t a quick process. It takes time. And when you add the aspect of God and His infiniteness, well it just makes things a tad bit deeper.

Time and time again I’m realizing that when I rush the process I end up with holes in my knowledge. Holes that end up showing later down the road when an answer and guidance is really needed.

Kind of like when you put together an Ikea piece without using the directions, so when you finish you realize that you forgot a few pieces.

So when I was walking down the street the other day and I saw this man, it was just the reminder I needed. This car has been sitting there for quite some time and it turns out he has made it a project to fix it up, from the ground up.

It made me think of my PC. You could have all the parts but if everything isn’t attached properly it won’t boot up. Occasionally you may get lucky and get a boot but then you may find that you have audio or visual issues, or the OS isn’t working right, etc. Or you did everything right but you just shoved all the cords into the case and now years later when you need to add something important or make some changes it’s nigh impossible to sift through (guilty).

What’s the best way to fix it all?

To start from scratch. To just stop for a moment, take everything out, make sure the foundational items are in place and then build from there.

That’s what I’m doing by studying my faith, and this is what I implore you all to do when you come to places in your journey with God that cause you to question.

Oh and kudos to all of you that ask questions, never stop. It shows just how sincere you truly are.

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