Because New Years need New Goals

If there is anything you ought to know about me it is that I am a very goal oriented person. And while It sounds great, it can also be difficult for me when I don’t achieve my goals. I begin to look down upon myself and to think ill. I definitely need to start meeting myself in the middle.

When I moved and began this journey almost three years ago, I did it because of the massive flaws staring at me whenever I looked at myself. I still have many of those flaws and day to day I fight with them, but I have made so many improvements in other areas.

I’m slowly learning more and more about my faith and learning how to give that information to others. I reclaimed my passion for writing and have begun sharing much of it with many of you.

This year I’m aiming to reach some of my major goals. One of them is to have my book in your hands, and in my daughter’s. She’s already shown a love for books and I’m hoping she’ll one day have a plethora of published works from her Baba to read.

The first book I’ll be reading this year is Toni’s Children of Blood and Bone and I’m hoping it lives up to expectations, I’m also going to finally get around to reading Orwell’s Animal Farm.

But most importantly, I’m about to open up Scrivener and knock out a couple hundred words before I head to bed as this is the year my memoir will be finished. InshAllah!


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