We need to spread beauty

Beauty, that’s what I was surrounded by when I took this picture. I was surrounded by pieces of Islamic calligraphy at a beautiful exhibition at Masjid Al-Azhar. Many of the pieces were ayat, others were statements of the Prophet that we aim to adorn our lives with.

It was beautiful to see so many wonderful pieces of artwork. It reminded me how in whatever we do, we aim to adorn. Our Masajid, our homes, our gardens, and our lives are places we aim to make more beautiful with the words of God and the lifestyle of the Prophet. Anything and everything that we touch should become stunning.

Which is why I feel the need to speak about social media. Someone reached out to me and told me how ugly some comments are on social media and it really made me sad. How is it that people who are supposed to bring so much beauty are making things so ugly? I know social media is generally a toxic place, but that is EXACTLY why we should be so different. We should inculcate the teachings of our faith and beautify everything down to the comment sections that we interact with.

We should be beautiful in how we privately message people, and I’m the first person to remind myself of this fact because we all fall short. Be beautiful. Spread beauty. Don’t make social media a place where we forget all about the beautiful way of life we have been given by the Divine. Don’t lower your gaze in public and then stalk others on the gram. Don’t feign shyness in person but put it all out there on social media.

Don’t add titles of respect in person but then expletives in the comment section.

Be beautiful because that is what sets us apart from everyone else, and what would please our Lord. Our Prophet came to perfect manners, and to beautify our relationships with one another. When the world aims to misunderstand his teachings and the greater teachings of the religion, it falls on you to show them what we all truly stand for.

If you consider yourself part of this family of believers, go share this beauty.

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