Time to get your priorities in order

Just today I was in a taxi while the driver was blasting some music. I politely and slowly pulled out my Mushaf and began reading Quran. When he realized what I was reading he immediately turned off the music to give me the silence that I needed to read.

A few minutes later he apologized and proceeded to tell me that he normally doesn’t listen to such music, but the previous passenger requested it and he ended up continuing after the passenger left.

A quick lesson on how easy it is to keep doing something you may not agree with and to continue even after the initial influence is gone.

He eventually turned and asked me about Quran and how to find places to learn and memorize. He has two younger daughters that are both memorizing Quran and he has never taken it up himself. He wants to be an example that encourages them to learn. I told him that he needs to make the intention and then follow through. It’s all about priorities.

This picture is one of the folks that works out at my gym. Here he is in a Chelsea away kit back when Drogba used to run the pitch. The glory days of Chelsea FC. What’s more important is that on the phone in front of him was the Quran.

He was getting his workout in and at the same time finishing his daily reading.

He didn’t waste his time.

He has priorities.

Maybe he’s memorizing, maybe he’s just reading, but regardless of whether he’s doing one or the other, we can all say that he’s using his time wisely.

I daresay that many of you have all the time in the world to accomplish many of your goals, you just need to make them a priority in your life. Make this the year of putting your priorities in order.

#1 on your list should be putting God first.

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