How a wrist strap taught me about my faith

It’s always amazing how the tiniest of objects can teach us the most monumental of lessons. Since beginning my journey in Islamic studies I’ve taken up both martial arts and serious weightlifting. In the beginning I just lifted without much concern for specifics. Specifics such as whether my muscles were tensed prior to pressing the weight, specific positions to work specific muscles, etc.

I also never gave any thought to using tools such as gloves, wrist straps or even a belt. All of that changed late last year when I decided to take both my Silat and weight lifting as serious as I take my studies.

I realized that while it was commendable that I was going to the gym in the past, taking it seriously is a different level. When I finally decided to change my diet, to create a schedule and a training program I truly started seeing and feeling different.

For example, on days like today I have to question myself on how I was lifting without wrist straps in the past. The difference it makes in lifting heavy weight is huge! With just taking this seriously and buying some cheap straps to protect my wrist and help with grip I’m lifting 2-3x as much.

I know, you’re probably wondering right now, where is Arthur going with this? Let me blunt.

How serious are you taking your faith?

Have you been taking it easy but been expecting massive gains? Have you neglected to change your spiritual diet? Possible pushing aside the need to create a training program and get a trainer?

Are you just showing up and running on the treadmill because that’s what everyone else is doing?

When are you going to get serious?

When are you going to decide that it’s time to start seeing some spiritual development? When will you realize that you need to give up a few things, get a bit uncomfortable, and be sore for a few days to reach your goals.

Get serious.

Get a gym buddy.

Get some wrist straps and start moving weight that you never thought you could have moved before.

Your training begins now.

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