You’re not taking religion seriously, and it’s not cool

You’re doing it to yourself. Time and time again I speak to people who are having difficulties in their faith. Sometimes they reach out for help, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they end up finding a guide but because of their ignorance and nafs they turn away, thinking they are better suited and able to find their own path.

Except their path often leads to their spiritual demise. The following post is about them and SOLELY about them.

I often question the intentions of such people. I know that many of us are seeking the truth, but what makes one think the truth will appear via a google search? Or that they won’t need to exert effort in finding it? What makes one think that scholars of the religion who have spent years studying, honing, and discussing such nuance topics are all doing it to misguide you? Where did you learn such mistrust?

Okay, I understand. Is it because the religion calls you to do things that may at times seem backward, things that don’t have a place in today’s society, things that if we are all being honest, you just don’t want to do.

It astounds me when people are the first to say that only a year ago they were clueless of the religion, but today after only months of intense google searches, wikipedia, and Youtube videos galore they have now discovered the reality of Islam.

No, you have discovered your arrogance.

And no one can help you until you come to terms with that fact.

This is precisely what Islam came to control.

Arrogance, Impatience, Laziness, all of which lead to the intellectual dishonesty that has become pervasive among us.

Is this harsh? Yes, and I’m just as harsh with those who read a Hadith online and see a few fatawa, and overnight decide every Muslim is a disbeliever and that terrorist groups have religious merit.

Not everyone needs to be told that God loves them, that paradise was made for them, and that it doesn’t matter what they do because God will forgive them.

Sometimes you need to be told like it is…

You’re ignorant and you need to stop playing yourself. Stay in your lane.

Or don’t complain when you find yourself lost.

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