Are you carrying baggage?

It’s a mess and you have no idea where to turn nor where to look. You’ve been carrying it all since day one. Anything or anyone new gets thrown in the pile.

It’s called baggage, and many of us have loads of it. It prevents us from seeing the good in others, and it even prevents us from finding our true selves.

We get lost in it all, and so do the attributes, hobbies, passions, and even God. We lose them and as such we lose ourselves.

We’ve been carrying all of this since childhood or maybe because of events we saw growing up in our homes. Bad parenting, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. We’ve seen religion used for horrible reasons, and we’ve been hurt by it.

Now we go through life carrying all of this, wondering when we will finally be able to realize our true selves, when we will be able to finally see the religion for what it is, beautiful.

First you need to recognize the baggage. Recognize that it is there and that it may in fact be hindering your vision. That it may be leading you to look at life, family, and God in ways that you wouldn’t if you were able to let the baggage go.

That’s the first step.

You may need a therapist/counselor and you should know that there is no harm in that. I myself had a therapist for years due to the baggage I had incurred over the years. I needed to unpack, I needed to see who I could become if I was able to lighten the load.

That’s the second step.

You may also need to start from scratch. You may need to learn to love again, to trust again, to re-experience faith.

That’s the third step.

The hope is that once your baggage has become lighter, maybe, just maybe you’ll be able to see the world for what it is, a beautiful creation of God made for you to experience and fall in love with.

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