Could you be a bit more patient? Lessons from Surah Al Kahf

There is so much that can be learned when we take the time to connect and reflect on the Quran.

It’s amazing how when people slip up we tend to write them off, and in many situations we remove these people from our lives. Sometimes these are people who are quite close to us and people that we care about dearly.

You know those people who always have an answer for everything? Those people who watch you make moves that you’ve contemplated and sought advice on, only for them to constantly critique and criticize?

You know there is a story in the Quran that highlights this topic? That of Khidr and Moses.

Here you have this great wise man who is enlightened by God and given a deep knowledge that of which Moses has yet to be given. He makes decisions and takes actions that on the surface look uninformed, dangerous, and downright contradictory to everything Moses knows is correct. So what does Moses do? He lets Khidr know that he was wrong. However, he does so after promising to be silent and to follow and watch patiently.




Again Moses shows his inability to be patient. And time and time again Khidr excuses him. Instead of telling him to leave after the first or second time, he instead reminds him.


Because this is a beautiful story that highlights our humanity. Our need for reminders, our forgetfulness, and our need for mercy and patience from others.

Just as the young boy forgot the fish in the beginning of the story and Moses overlooked it, so too did Khidr overlook the forgetfulness of Moses.

Just as Khidr gave Moses chances, so too do you need to give chances to those around you. Constantly look for the beauty in others and if you see any faults in others, know that the same fault or one like it is also in you.

One day you might be like Moses, not realizing that what you see as horrible, is really mercy from God.

Jumada Al Awwal 27, 1440
February 2nd, 2019

Your brother,
Arthur K. Richards

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