May God grant us the faith of an old woman: Do we need logic in our faith?

Dear Beloved,

I wanted to make sure that you understood my last letter. You know me, my words are to uplift and never to break you down. If for a second I believe my words may have caused you pain or confusion then I think it’s important to clarify.

There is a story that is often told of a famous scholar, Imam Al-Razi who had 100 proofs for the existence of God. He had acquired quite a following because of his command of theology and his strength in logic. He was lauded as a powerhouse and when he would walk in the streets the people would surround him and walk behind him.

It’s narrated that he once came upon an old woman who inquired why this man had such a great following. The people exclaimed that this man had 100 logical proofs for the existence of God!

The people were no doubt proud of the man they followed and they wanted this old woman to also understand this scholar’s great achievement.

She responded, “He would have no need for 100 proofs if he didn’t have 100 doubts.”

Captured by Arthur K. Richards
iPhone X in Cairo, Egypt

Ya Allah what a response!

In response, Al-Razi prayed that everyone had faith and conviction like this old woman.

Now why am I sharing this story with you?

Well for one it’s because I’m a storyteller and I love stories!

But it’s also because not everyone needs logical proof for the existence of God.

You may be find without these proofs. You may already have the conviction and faith of this old woman and maybe even more! For you there is no need to delve into it all and to potentially open up doors of confusion. You’re golden and you just need to focus on worshipping Him in an age where so many people are turning to worshipping themselves.

Although, if you do have doubts then I still believe you should seek answers.

But sometimes your answers will come just from living life. Just from watching the sun rise in the morning and set in the evening. Just from seeing the rain pour from the sky and the grass and plants grow.

And Alhamdulilah if that’s you, praise God.

Jumada Al Thani 1st, 1440
February 6th, 2019

Your servant,
Arthur K. Richards

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