She came alone: Raising a generation of prodigious women

Dear Believer,

There is something special about the journey of knowledge.

It is powerful, and I don’t solely mean religious knowledge. I don’t even buy into the idea that there is such a concept as “religious” knowledge. There is knowledge of God and then knowledge of everything God created.

This young woman is from France, a country that has clearly made a distinction between religious and secular knowledge. A country where she, a young Muslim woman feels she is unable to freely practice her religion.

While completing her Masters Thesis in America she met some phenomenal individuals. Individuals that inspired her to take the steps necessary to learn her faith (the power of good company). They inspired her to enroll in classes, to find teachers, to study traditionally and to learn all that she can.

She sought her parent’s permission, purchased her ticket and is now here in Cairo to begin her journey.

Meeting her was an honor as she spoke about how she wants to take the path of female scholarship. A noble path especially in light of all the issues we see around us today.

Take a moment and make dua for this young lady on her journey.

Some will disagree on her leaving her country and seeking knowledge in an age where much may be available to her online. But I’m not here to discuss Fiqh, I’m here to share my reflections with you because you’re seeking to come closer to God.

Ladies, what is holding you back? Do you not have access to classes in your community? Can you not drive to the local masjid? Can you not access a series on your phone or register for classes online?

Brothers, are you supporting the women in your life? Are you giving them the tools?

I know a man who weekly would have classes in his home and teach his daughters the faith, what are you doing? He raised mountains of women, are you?

Jumada Al Thani 10th, 1440
February 16th, 2019

Your servant,
Arthur K. Richards

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