Dear God: They need to know my name, right?

Dear God,

I don’t find speaking on your behalf an exciting task. If I’m being honest it’s quite scary. Just yesterday I was walking past a shop when I overheard the shopkeeper berate a young woman for wearing something that in his opinion was impermissible according to Islamic law. I conveniently had to buy something from him and so I stopped by and interrupted the discussion.

I politely told him that what she was wearing wasn’t impermissible and it certainly wasn’t impermissible for the reasons that he mentioned.

He began to quote a verse from the Quran (that had no connection to what we were discussing) and told me how the verse proves it.

I was astounded yet unsurprised. It seems today everyone quotes your words and derives rulings without a second thought. Long gone are the days where a person or scholar would sit for days contemplating an issue, they would couple that with standing late nights in prayer asking for your guidance.

They would seek forgiveness, they would stay away from whatever was known as impermissible or even disliked hoping for you to give them openings, the wisdom, and the guidance needed to make an informed decision.

Now it matters very little what I know, as long as I can back it up. As long as I can add the proper title next to my name, or invoke the name of one of your servants, or copy and paste a link.

What matters today isn’t how desperately in need I am of you.

What matters is how desperate I am to be right.

How desperate I am to be given a rank I may not deserve.

How desperate I am to reap the benefits of being known.

But more and more I see the benefit of the statement of your servant, Ibn Ata’illah.

“Bury yourself in the soil of obscurity, because a seed that isn’t buried doesn’t bear fruit.” – Ibn Ata’illah.

Oh God, bury me in your soil and allow me to bear fruit that benefits myself, my family and my progeny to come.

Oh God, make me content with being your servant and content with my silence.

Allow me to be a part of the crowd.

Jumada Al Thani 21st, 1440
February 26th, 2019

Your servant,
Arthur K. Richards

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