Dear God: People are hurting

Dear God,

People are abusing this book of yours. They know exactly what it says, they know exactly what it calls to, but they allow their desires to take over. It wouldn’t be as bad if they just admitted it. If they just stepped down from their positions and their responsibilities, if they just told their family that they made a mistake, but instead they say that you gave them the authority to be the fools they are. Some don’t even try to be better because being better means to cut themselves off from the temporary joys that they have.

And so because of that your servants are hurting. Your servants are questioning why you have ordained things to be the way they are. They doubt you, not because of you, not because of your words, but because of each other.

Don’t they understand your greatness?

Don’t they understand that no imperfection can stain your name?

You are beyond perfection, yet still they see fault through the very eyes that you created.

I know that you have infinite wisdom and so whatever you have decreed has been with reason, but I don’t always know how to explain that to others… sometimes I myself don’t understand.

I know that if the difference in mass between a proton and neutron was any different than they are now then life would be impossible. And that’s just life, not water, not stars, not the planets and Earth, not gravity, not a million other things that if weren’t exactly as they are now would make it impossible to replicate life as we know it, or have any semblance of life at all.

So I have no doubt that you are in control and that your plan is best. I have no doubt that you know why you worded your laws the way you did, and why you allow us to live with our own choices.

But I ask you for one thing…

To give your servants the strength to carry on. I don’t want them to lose hope in you, nor do I want to see them lose hope in your their fellow brothers and sisters.

Grant us love for each other, and love for you.

And enable us to do better.

Jumada Al Thani 25th, 1440
March 2nd, 2019

Your servant,
Arthur K. Richards

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