Dear God: Take us back to the basics

Dear God,

There are times that I receive questions from believers, or I read a thread on social media and I come to the realization that I, and many of my brothers and sisters are distracted.

Distracted by the latest movies, the latest gadgets, the latest bit of breaking news, the newest political rivalry, the big celebrity break-up or wedding, and the list goes on.

Hours will be spent discussing issues in the community, revealing the faults of this and that organization, lamenting the downfall of the latest big speaker, or who isn’t or is representing the community appropriately.

And while all of this is going on, while all of these conversations take up space in our minds, while we multiply the sins on our scales, very seldom do I take myself away from the distractions and decide to,

Skip out on the movies

Skip out on the latest bit of news

Turn away from the faults of the community

Silence myself on the mistakes of the latest speaker

And focus on the single most important aspect in my life…

My relationship with you.

You don’t ask much from us.

In fact, when I take a look at the basics of this way of life it’s quite amazing just how little is requested of me.

Yet time and time again I get caught up in the deep conversations of the permissibility of this or that. I get caught up in trying to answer the latest theological problems or researching the latest -ism in an effort to respond, and by the time all is said and done I can barely wake up for Fajr.

And it isn’t that all of these things aren’t important.

They are.

It’s just that I shouldn’t be making them into issues that take me away from the most important thing in my life,

Worshipping you.

God, I’d like to ask you tonight for one thing, on behalf of myself and our family of believers,

Take us back to the basics.

The basics of worshipping you, of pleasing you, and of seeking your face.

Rajab 5th, 1440
March 12th, 2019

Your servant,
Arthur K. Richards

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