Dear God: I’m on the path, when will I arrive?

Dear God,

I’m on the path, and I was on a different path before and it came with so much joy, so much passion, and so much fun. But it was empty. I left it in hopes of a path that would lead to truth, to reality, to me becoming the human being that you created me to become.

I’m on the path, and though I know that it ends with you I still manage to become to turn the other way. I take breaks, I forget things and head back, delaying my arrival over and over again.

I’m on the path, and I just tripped and fell again. I knew I would though I swore I would be more careful. I was distracted and my eyes weren’t focused ahead and before I knew it I was on the ground weeping, waiting for someone to help me back onto my feet.

I’m on the path, and now I have guides who have given themselves completely to you. They have spent their lives worshipping your awesomeness, their nights like your beloved, and their souls are like moons that light the dark sky. Their heads bowed and eyes racing behind ink as they absorb every word your faithful servants bequeathed to them, and now I inherit them.

I’m on the path, and I had heard that it would heal me but all I’m feeling is pain and anxiety. Why am I even here? I feel that this path is only for certain people. I’m not like them, I can’t be like them, I’ll never be like them. I’m wasting my time.

I’m on the path, and I don’t want to be told anymore that I’ll eventually make it to the end. I need to be there now. I need this to end. I’m tired, and I thought I saw the end but the closer I get, the farther it seems. When will this ever end?

I’m on the path and I just stopped for a moment to reflect on who I was when I started this journey. And I’ve realized that the path has molded me, transformed me, and that with every step I take, you take one towards me.

Rajab 6th, 1440
March 13th, 2019

Your servant,
Arthur K. Richards

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