Dear God: The sun will come out tomorrow

Dear God,

There will be better days, I know there will. You’ve promised it and I see it in your creation.

I see it in the beautiful flowers that bloom when everything was once brown and trodden upon.

I see it in the rising of the sun when only hours before there was darkness.

I see it in the tide when it rises and falls.

I see it after the storm and the rain ceases and calm descends in its place.

I see it all around me without even needing to ask. Sometimes it is so difficult to imagine and see any good around but when I take a moment to reflect, to allow my emotions to calm and to think of you, there is nothing but hope.

There is nothing but happiness and joy knowing that you are in full control.

There is nothing but comfort knowing that when everything seems destined for failure that you are the one that has written my destiny. That you are the most kind, generous, loving, and wise.

I can sleep soundly because everything is in perfect synch, and all I need to do is to take a moment and look around me.

To look at the perfection that you have created and remember that you are perfect and that you didn’t create anything except that it has a purpose. That every hardship, every trial, every tribulation and misstep is all a part of the completion of something greater than myself.

So I know there will be better days ahead.

Because although I cannot see you, I see the spring flowers after the winter fall, and I know that no matter the darkness, the sun will rise again and prostrate at your throne.

May you be praised.

Rajab 16th, 1440
March 23rd, 2019

Your servant,
Arthur K. Richards

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