Put some Respek on it: Respecting our community elders

Dear Believer,⁣

We need to pay respect.⁣

As a young man I’ll be the first to say that I don’t always realize what those before me have done for me to be able to stand tall today.⁣

I stand on the shoulders of giants.⁣

Like Atlas, there are men and women that came before us that carry us despite how heavy the burden may be.⁣

I love them.⁣

It’s so very easy to see everyone around you as a roadblock, someone that is just getting in the way of real progress. People that don’t understand the situation of the Ummah today.⁣

They do.⁣

They don’t only understand, but they have the wisdom to often times navigate those difficulties.⁣

If only we could learn to listen.⁣

If only we could learn to have patience like they had mercy.⁣

If only we could learn to have a good opinion of those that lived off of so little to give us so much.⁣

They are the torch bearers because they kept the fire alive.⁣

That fire that burns within you that pushes you to achieve so much.⁣

That same fire you would burn them with is only there because they burned themselves covering it from the wind that threatened to extinguish it. ⁣

A fire they willingly pass to you.⁣

This beautiful brother asked me to pray for him, but it would be a shame if I didn’t ask all of you to pray for him as well. ⁣

Because it’s people like him,⁣

With hearts like his,⁣

With actions like his,⁣

With sincerity like his,⁣

That have made sure that men like myself, and people like you can proclaim the beauty of God the way that I do.⁣

You have people like him in your communities. They are probably the same people that you feel are holding your communities back. ⁣

And sometimes you may be right.⁣

But I urge you to give them the benefit of the doubt. Look at your flaws and try to see their beauty. Try to see what youth may be blinding you from. Try to realize that with age comes newer keys to the infinite doors of wisdom and knowledge. ⁣

Spend your nights praying for those torch bearers, because we wouldn’t be here without ‘em.⁣

Sha’ban 5th, 1440⁣
April 10th, 2019⁣

Your brother,⁣
Arthur K. Richards

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