Lets Ramadan Together: Launching towards an awesome Ramadan

Dear Believer,

Let God.

It’s not unusual for someone to have a lifetime of goals and ambitions that they wish to see into fruition. We all have dreams, we all want to make our parents proud, we all want to reach some lofty goal that we have set for ourselves, but let God.

What do I mean?

We can only control so much.

I remember years ago I was approached by some awesome people to join a spectacular group of men and women who were putting together something special. I couldn’t at the time as I had so many plans, ambitions and dreams.

I let God.

Since then so much has changed. Family, Location, and the list goes on.

I let God lead throughout it all.

I didn’t achieve some goals, and others came without any effort.

I cried, I bled, I called on God, and at the end of the day, nothing happened except what God had planned.

So now here I am in Michigan, USA with a fantastic group of young men and women that blow me away. Individuals with hearts of gold and who inculcate the teachings of our faith better than I ever could.

And the only reason I’m here is that I let God.

I let Him lead, and now years later I get to be lead by the same men and women that years ago I couldn’t serve. Now God opened up doors, doors that I didn’t expect to be there.

Yet here we are.

I’d like to thank LaunchGood for the opportunity now in front of me. We just finished up our 2019 Fellowship Retreat, and for the next 3 months, I’ll be serving as a Fellow on the LaunchGood team.

My goal?

Hopefully making it possible for many of you to continue bringing your spectacular ideas into reality, to support your ambitions and to encourage this family of believers to help them as well.

Stay tuned because there will be some awesome updates in the coming days from LaunchGood, and some personal goals that I’ll need your help in!

I have just one question,

Are you all ready to have an amazing Ramadan?

Lets Ramadan Together

Sha’ban 5th, 1440
April 11th, 2019

Your brother,
Arthur K. Richards

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