Home is where the shaykh is!

Home is where the Shaykh is, that’s how I feel at least. You see, for me, it has never been about the appliances I own, the clothing I wear, or the friends that I have, I love learning.

It’s downright addicting if I’m being honest.

I had an almost three week “break” from studies. I’ve now embarked on opportunities with @LaunchGood, @PennyAppeal and if God wills, my local community back in the States. Yet as excited as I am with all of this, nothing was as exciting as walking into my Shaykh’s apartment this afternoon after being gone for three weeks and hearing, “Today we will be reading from Sahih Al-Bukhari and from the chapter of fasting.”

Oh man.

It was relieving to know that right next to me was a true inheritor of the Prophet ﷺ. I was reminded that I’ve always just been an impostor, a fraud trying to make my way into a chain of believers that can speak on behalf of the Prophet ﷺ with all of the fear, love, and wisdom that the elevated position necessitates. I remembered that the only thing I want to be able to relay to the people is that such people exist.

I was able to reconnect with many beloved people during my trip to the United States. I was able to serve, and rekindle (through the grace of God) some and their connection with the Divine. Yet, not once did I speak on my own, every time I spoke I sat and thought,

“Has my teacher ever answered this? What did he say? What would he say? What did he teach me that would make me qualified to answer this?”

And if I didn’t remember, I reminded myself of Imam Malik and his most considerable practice of saying,

“I do not know.”

I love serving you.

I love teaching you.

I love advising you.

But more than anything in the world…

I love sitting at the feet of the inheritors and filling my pockets with little goodies that bring me closer to the Divine.

Oh yes, I forgot to say…

“Dear Believers, I’m glad to be back home.”

Sha’ban 18th, 1440

April 24th, 2019

Your brother,

Arthur K. Richards

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