When no matter how hard you try, you’re stuck.

Dear Believer,⁣

Someone once came to me to tell me how difficult it is to deal with people, to deal with communities, to deal with masajid, Imams, and board leaders. ⁣

I didn’t have the most excellent answer, but after listening to today’s khutbah, I have a story instead.⁣

Today the Khateeb told a story of a king. This king passed a law prohibiting all women from wearing jewelry, whether it be gold or silver. His reasons were critical, but if I tell you his reasoning, it will make you far too biased. What you must know is that he felt it was the best decision for his kingdom, and he was right. ⁣

When the women of the kingdom heard of this ruling, guess what they did? ⁣

They wore even more jewelry! They beautified themselves more, heaped on more gold and did whatever they could to defy the law of the king.⁣

When the king heard of this, he called together his most trusted advisors and sought their advice. ⁣

Some of his advisors told him that he should withdraw this law as the people were not ready for it and it is only natural that they would behave in this manner.⁣

The other side of his advisors called him to be a true king. To rule with an iron fist and to punish those that go against the law. They should know how foolish it is to go against the moral, and loving King.⁣

Now, let’s stop here for a moment. How many of us have experiences like this? Moments when we have a great idea, great intentions, but at the end of the day, nobody cares. ⁣

It’s as though no one can see the benefit in what you’re calling them towards. And when you do get advice, it’s so extreme that you have no idea who to follow!⁣

I’m not going to tell you what the king did, at least not tonight. I’ll save that for tomorrow’s post. But what I want to know is, which set of advisors would you choose? ⁣

When you get stuck trying to do what’s right, and no one is listening, how do you get people to hear you out, and if you were an advisor of the king, how would you advise him?⁣

Sha’ban 21st, 1440⁣

April 27th, 2019⁣

Your brother,⁣

Arthur K. Richards


  • Isn’t it something like: if you want to be heard you have to listen first?
    One can’t just come into a gathering or community and start preaching. We need to learn the people around us and know how to “speak their language” before we start dictating what is best or not. We can’t force people to do things, no matter how much better it may be for them. It only turns things even more complicated and conflictuos. Regardings religion, we also know that its best to do good deeds out of love for Allah, rather than fear. Sometimes fear of the consequences is necessary, in order for us to do what we are supposed to. I think the king should come to were the women live, talk to them, get their love and respect, learn what their needs are first if he wants to be listened to. Just saying 🙂


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